Blueberry Resin Infused Pre-Roll By Dab Bods

3×0.5g Infused Pre-Rolls

Plant Type: Hybrid

DAB Bods resin infused pre-rolls are custom designed for people who truly love cannabis and only want the most out of their experience. Starting with craft bud and delicately infusing it with our top selling resin to provide a smooth smoke with the potency of a concentrate. The resin infused pre-rolls maintain all of the terpenes from the live plant and combines them with cured hand crafted flower in a convenient format for individual consumption. These pre-rolls feature the popular and potent strain “Blueberry Haze” – a sativa leaning hybrid strain. This 3 pack of pre-rolls showcases very bright, fresh explosive flavours of blueberry with subtle undertones of vanilla, spice and musk. Because of its lineage, the start low and go slow rule is a must with this flower. Providing you a perfect combination of concentrate and pre-roll, Dab Bods infused pre-rolls are a must have.