Ceramic Tip Roulé Infusé Water Hash Infused Pre-Roll By Beurre Blanc.

1x1g Infused Pre-Roll

Plant Type: Indica Dominant 

Roulé Infusé brings a top-of-class offering to Canada in what is currently the most explosive category in California. This small batch pre-roll offers a pairing of strain-specific, Coffee Cream ice water hash with milled, premium whole flower of the same cultivar. Adding a boost in flavour and pushing the THC beyond 30%, this is a must-have for connoisseurs. Coffee Cream is an indica-dominant cultivar that descends from the base OG Kush that’s twisted with the South African sativa, Durban Poison. It offers complex robust coffee and dried berry flavours. This flower is hand-harvested, then immediately fresh frozen. It’s then washed in ice water to separate the trichome heads from the plant material (73u-159u micro) and freeze dried to remove the water. This high-quality ‘bubble’ hash is then sprinkled onto milled flower from whole buds, and stuffed in a pre-roll cone. A Beurre Blanc. reusable ceramic filter tip is included for a luxurious experience.