Dime OG Indica 510 Thread Cartridge By Dime Industries 

1g Cart 

Plant Type: Indica Dominant 

Dime Industries is quickly becoming a leading cannabis brand because of the superior hardware and delicious cannabis flavour profile. All Dime products have been vigorously lab tested and vetted by cannabis connoisseurs, ensuring everyone has the ultimate experience. DIME OG crosses Jetfuel, Hardcore OG, and True OG for a potent indica experience. Picture a classic OG flavour profile and that’s what you get with diesel, lemon, pine, and notes of sweetness as well. Limonene and caryophyllene lead the way in DIME OG’s terpene profile. The DIME OG 1g tank contains between 860 and 920 mg THC and <0.1 mg CBD. It’s best used with the DIME 510 threaded vape battery.