Fades Swirl of Raspberry By SYNR.G

1×5 Caps

Plant Type: Blend

Experience something new, with SYNR.G Fades. SYNR.G Fades Swirl of Raspberry are thin, melt-in-your-mouth sublingual strips offering 10mg THC with a bold and zingy natural raspberry flavour. Quickly dissolvable under the tongue, or in the cheek, SYNR.G Fades are easy to tear, giving you the freedom and flexibility to consume as you like. Both discreet and portable, every fade is sold hermetically sealed in individual wrappers. Ready to try something different? Our convenient 5-fade sampler pack has a total of 50mg THC. How does it work? SYNR.G Fades leverages the latest QuickStrips technology, that micronizes cannabis oils evenly into a thin film, designed to dissolve quickly and aid in speedy absorption through the mouth.