Frozen Gelato Candy Rain Live Resin 510 Thread Cartridge By Wildcard Extracts

1x1g 510 Thread Cartridge

Plant Type: Indica Dominant

Frozen Gelato Candy Rain live resin vape is a popular legacy cultivar. Single-sourced cannabis from the Okanagan Valley in BC, flash frozen at harvest and stored to preserve the terpene and cannabinoid quality. This live resin boasts a velvety profile of sweet cream, vanilla, orange and hops, with limonene, farnesene and caryophyllene representing the dominant terpenes. No additional fillers, terpenes or distillate have been added to our live resin, leaving a vibrant light gold colour and complete flavour profile of a genuinely unique cultivar. We chose AVD for our carts as their hardware is designed and manufactured specifically for resin/rosin products. The 2 mm aperture and ceramic element, along with their new sustainable hemp and recycled plastic tip allow for a clog-free, high-quality consumer experience.