Grape Punch x Key Lime Twin Pack 510 Thread Cartridge By -Ness

2×0.4g 510 Thread Cartridges

Plant Type: Hybrid

-ness™ brings you two unique vapes with very strong THC potency potential in one package, including one 0.4g/ml fill , 510-compatible cartridge each of Grape Punch and Key Lime. Grape Punch brings the Grape Slushie x Purple Punch lineage with flavours of berry and grape. Key Lime brings the sweet, lime and sour with Key Lime Pie x Sunset Sherbet roots. -ness distillate is run through our cryo-ethanol extraction process that produces an odourless cannabis oil. This makes an ideal base for the natural, botanical-derived terpenes we add to get strain-specific flavours with no added solvents, pigments, fillers, waxes or phytol.