Lilac Diesel Redees King Pack By Redecan

70×0.4g Pre-Rolls

Plant Type: Sativa Dominant

Redees by Redecan are an unparalleled pre-roll experience that just got even more convenient. The Redecan King Pack offers 1 oz of your favourite Redecan strains, pre-rolled in our signature packaging, and sealed in packs of 10 to guarantee freshness. Thoughtfully designed for personal use at 0.40g, Redees by Redecan are rolled with all bud, no shake. Lilac Diesel is a sativa hybrid strain, named for its beautiful appearance and especially unique flavour profile. With a terpene profile featuring notes of berries, pine, spice, and citrus fruits, this bud is dense with lilac undertones and light-purple crystal trichomes. Each Redecan King Pack contains 70 Lilac Diesel Redees.