Live Resin Variety Pack 510 Thread Cartridge By Msiku

3×0.5g 510 Thread Cartridges 

Plant Type: Hybrid 

A true-to-flower experience in the convenience of a 510 cart. Featuring a curated selection of 3 carts: 1 sativa, 1 indica and 1 balanced THC/CBD 1:1. Extracted from MSIKU’s Premium AAAA flower selection of freshly harvested, flash-frozen cannabis plants, MSIKU Live Resin preserves the full spectrum offering of terpenes and cannabinoids. The 3 pack would consist of a total average of 50-58% THC and 10-12% CBD. The carts as individuals would consist of the following THC and CBD:1 Sativa Cart – 600-700 mg/g, 1 Indica Cart – 600-700 mg/g, 1 Balanced 1:1 Cart – 300-350 mg/g.