We have 10 NEW product available today!

We’ve received our newest product shipment for – July 26, 2022.




510 Thread Carts And  Disposable Vape Pens:

Beverages And Edibles:

But wait…. Theres more! 21 favourites are back in stock!


First Class Funk By Ghost Drops 3.5g Dried Flower

Funk Master By Shred 7g Dried Flower

Wappa By Redecan 7g Dried Flower

Cropped Sativa Harvest By Divvy 14g Dried Flower

Jet Fuel Gelato By Pure Sunfarms 28g Dried Flower



Peach Ringz Distillate Infused Pre-Roll 1x1g Infused Pre-Roll

Honeydew Boba Distillate Infused Pre-Roll 1x1g Infused Pre-Roll

Distillate Infused Pre-Roll Taster Pack By General Admission 3×0.5g Infused Pre-Rolls

Hash Blunt By Big 1x1g Hash Blunt

Bubba Kush Blunt By RAD Reserve 1x1g Pre-Rolled Blunt

Tropic Thunder J’s Pre-Roll By Shred 14×0.5g Pre-Rolls


Edibles and Drinks:

S’Mores By Back Forty 1×1 piece of Chocolate 10mg

Orange Vanilla 1:1 By Pocket Fives 1×2 pieces Soft Chews 10mg THC & CBD

Rosin Lime Seltzer By Impromptu Full Spectrum  1x330ml Beverage 10mg

After Dark Series Frozen Peach Redebles 1:4 By Redecan 1×4 Pieces Soft Chews 10mg THC : 40mg CBD

510 Thread Cartridges & Disposable Vape Pens:

Strawberry Ice 1.0 Sativa 510 Thread Cartridge By Kolab Project 1x1g 510 Thread Cartridge

Indica Blackberry Cream Disposable Pen By Foray 1×0.3g Disposable Vape Pen

Orange Sherbs Live Resin Disposable Pen By Sherbinskis 1×0.5g Disposable Vape Pen