Numero Ono Rotation Pre-Roll By Ono Craft Cannabis

3×0.5g Pre-Rolls

Plant Type: Hybrid

Numero Ono Rotation pre-rolls by Ono Craft Cannabis: 10th Planet, Purple Sunset, Grape Diamonds and Mandarin Zktlz pre-rolls are crafted from whole dried flower. What sets us apart is our aeroponic cultivation techniques that produce superior end products by using air and misted nutrient-rich water instead of soil. With our vertical columns, each plant receives individual attention, resulting in a breathtaking sea of green canopy. We meticulously track more than 1,200 data points and 120 recipe elements to maximize cannabinoid, terpene and flavonoid expressions. Our buds then undergo a cold dark cure using specialized craft techniques for 14 days. Once the flower is completely ready, we emulsify it using commercial grade equipment and pack it into specially chosen pre-roll papers. Each pre-roll is finished with a circular filter and crown, ensuring a smooth smoke every time. Packaged with a humid pack and in an eco-conscious container made from more than 40% recycled material.