Orange Sherbs Live Resin Disposable Pen By Sherbinskis

Plant Type: Hybrid 

ult-favourite SHERBINSKIS, one of the world’s most revered cannabis brands, finally makes its debut in Canada! The brand originates from the Sunset District of San Francisco, California where it established itself as a leader in bringing novel genetics like Sunset Sherbert to market. This state-of-the-art all-in-one vaporizer manufactured by industry leader 14th Round utilizing proprietary technology, features 100% pure live resin of Orange Sherbert that was made by blasting fresh frozen flower through a hydrocarbon extraction process. Orange Sherbert is a direct descendant of Sunset Sherbert. It features a sweet citrus and earthy aroma with a long finish of bright tropical fruit. This all-in-one technology offers precise vaporization control, specific to this formulation.

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