Pink Grapefruit OG Pre-Roll By Flint & Embers

1x1g Pre-Roll

Plant Type: Sativa Dominant

Flint & Embers’ Pink Grapefruit OG (Sweet Pink Grapefruit x OG Kush) is an assertive sativa-leaning flower, with a powerful and complex flavour. Bursting with a gassy aroma and dripping with a tropical fruit taste, this explosive mixture is an OG lovers dream. Naturally grown in microclimate conditions inspired by the unique environments each plant thrives in – Pink Grapefruit OG pre-rolls are single strain, whole bud, milled to perfection and evenly rolled with eco-friendly papers. Every pack of pre-rolls comes in a reusable kit that locks in freshness for pre-rolls that are ready when you are. These hypnotic herbs are light green with golden stigma hairs, and long-stemmed trichomes.