Ray’s Huckleberry Lemonade By Ray’s Lemonade

355ml Beverage

Plant Type: Sativa Dominant

A popular flavour from the native location of Ray’s Lemonade, Huckleberry offers a fruity flavour with a hint of cannabis. Ray’s Huckleberry Lemonade is a THC infused, ready-to-drink beverage which is packaged in 355ml cans. The lemonade is carbonated to bring out freshness. The beverage is formulated with real lemon juice and natural flavours. Ray’s Huckleberry Lemonade has a shelf life of 12 months. It is shelf-stable under room temperature. Refrigeration is not required, even cold lemonade tastes better. Flavour is the king. The formulation is developed to incorporate cannabis tastes and flavours. Instead of masking cannabis flavours, we embrace the bitterness and tartness, and balance them in lemonade.