Recline 1.0 Blueberry Pie Flavoured Cured Resin 510 Thread By Zyre Brands Co.

1x1g 510 Thread Cartridge

Plant Type: Indica Dominant

ZYRE makes it easy. Just choose your vibe and flavour! We named Recline 1.0 when we kicked back in recliners after testing this full-spectrum vape. Our low-temp, hydrocarbon extracted terp sauce preserves the full-plant profile of our made in BC Pink Kush while a proprietary blend of distillate and Blueberry Pie botanical terpenes are added for potency and fruit flavour. Zirconia all-ceramic carts with industry leading, gentle-heat quartz-ceramic heating coils and organic Japanese cotton wicks are soft on the throat while flat-bottom triangular aspirators get every last drop.