Our Spotlight this week is the:

Pink Rzy Ceramic Tip Diamond Infused Pre-Roll – Hybrid – 1x2g (Click Here)

The legendary Pink Rozay like you’ve never seen it before – packed in a ceramic tipped pre-roll and infused with premium THC diamonds for increased potency. This show-stopper is big enough for the whole crew, because after all, sharing is caring. Pink Rozay is bred by Cookies and is a cross between Lemonchello #10 x LPC #75. It is fruity and sweet with berry flavours and earthy herbaceous undertones.

Georgia P. Ceramic Tip Diamond Infused Pre-Roll – Hybrid – 1x1g (Click Here)

The legendary Georgia P. in a pre-roll infused with premium diamonds and finished with a ceramic tip for enhanced air flow and an even burn all the way through. This favourite of the Cookies Fam was bred by crossing Kush Mints x Gellati, and is beloved by connoisseurs for its sturdy structure and delicious flavour. The strain is known for having a pungent aroma that smells like fresh peach, with a sweet berry flavour, hints of nutty dough and rich cherries.