Our Spotlight this week is the:

Watermelon Gush and Sour Mango Cartridge 2-pack Starter Kit | 1g   ( Click here) 

The best accessories match function with design. This Haven St. vape cartridge and battery kit is all that. It includes two fruit-forward cartridges, Watermelon Gush and Sour Mango. Watermelon Gush is bursting with juicy watermelon, exotic fruit and a refreshing herbal accent. Sour Mango captures the irresistible blend of sweet mango, tropical fruit and gas for a funky, fruity finish. The Puff-thru vape battery features a striking design and soft touch, but how does it work? With two heat settings, the handy preheat function helps maintain a consistent vape experience, especially in cold Canadian climates. It also offers haptic response for ease of use and a necessary automatic shut off. Compatible with 510 thread, these cartridges can be consumed discreetly with the puff-thru cap. Ingenious through and through.

Thanks and Stay Savvy!