Single Source Black Afghan Hash By 3Saints

1x2g Hash

Plant Type: Indica Dominant

The highest THC range of a traditional hash available on the market. A full spectrum experience. This isn’t just hash. This is Single Source Black Afghan Hash: Made from a single strain that we grow ourselves. The flower is sun grown & rain watered – which promotes terpene production (giving you more & deeper flavour). At its peak the flower is hand harvested, hang dried and dry trimmed protecting those hard-won trichomes (which carry potency & flavour). The dry flower is then sifted and screened before being pressed in the traditional Afghan method. This all done by our master Hashishan, who brings his skill and years of experience to 3Saints. We then carefully package and ship ourselves: Single Source craftsmanship from end to end. Top terpenes: caryophyllene, linalool, terpineol.