Smoker Farms Select By Smokers Farm

7g Dried Flower

Plant Type: Hybrid

This premium offering features a rotating genetic from Smoker Farms. This legacy-to-legal cultivator has been growing quality craft cannabis since 1997. Master grower, Jeff Aubin, cultivates using hydroponics and rockwool. Each plant is given the utmost care and attention before curing for 10 days, hang drying and hand trimming. You can expect frosty buds with high potency and terpenes. Check with our team each week to find out which strain will be featured in this selection that showcases the very best that Smoker Farms has to offer. Our facility is nestled in the mountains of the West Kootenays near Beaverdell, BC. Although Jeff has embraced modern technology in every area of his facility, his caveman growing style was responsible for producing high quality cannabis for decades. Smoker Farms produces small batch craft cannabis with the utmost care and attention to quality and detail using the pure pristine water from the Kettle River.