Space Guava 510 Thread Cartridge By Bzam

Plant Type: Hybrid

BZAM presents: Space Guava! A hybrid vape in a 1g/ml fill cartridge compatible with 510 thread batteries. This vape offers very strong THC potency potential, Space Runtz x Guava lineage, and a floral and fruity flavour profile featuring guava, mango and orange. BZAM distillate is pulled through our cryo-ethanol extraction process that produces an odourless cannabis oil. This makes an ideal base for the natural, botanical-derived terpenes we add to get strain-specific flavours with no added solvents, pigments, fillers, waxes or phytol. The cartridges feature No Burn Technology™ for exceptional terpene flavour retention and a proprietary ceramic core that smoothly absorbs oil for consistent vaporization and even heating. Wham. Zing. Woosh. Everything just got better™.