Taster Trio Pre-Roll By -NESS

3×0.5g Pre-Rolls

Plant Type: Hybrid

With so many delicious flavours out there, making you choose would be unfair. Good thing this -ness™ Taster Trio comes with three pre-rolls, including sativa-dominant Lemon Berry, sativa-dominant Hella Jelly, and hybrid Jackfruit. All with very strong THC potency potential and their own unique and fruity flavour profiles: Lemon Berry (Lemon Thai x Dabney Blue) brings the citrus, vanilla and blueberry; Hella Jelly (Very Cherry x Notorious) brings the sweet, fruity, cherry and berry; and Jackfruit (Juicy Fruit x Jack Herer) is all about the tropical, citrus blend and mango flavours. There’s never been a tastier time to Explore Your -ness™