True Colours Soft Chew Multi Pack By Kanha Powered By Reef Organic

1×4 Pieces Soft Chews 10mg

Plant Type: Sativa Dominant

Reef Organic teamed up with Kanha, California’s most popular soft chew brand, to bring you the best tasting soft chew in the industry. Seriously, they’ve got the awards to prove it! Juicy, sweet and made with all-natural ingredients and flavours, these delectable premium soft chews offer the perfect consistency and texture in predictable doses. The exciting new True Colours Pack brings you four distinct flavour profiles to suit any mood. Enjoy the Strawberry and Watermelon soft chews infused with organic, CO2 extracted Ghost Train Haze distillate, or savour the Blue Raspberry and Mango chews infused with organic Cold Creek Kush distillate. Each piece delivers 2.5mg of THC and is bursting with mouth watering goodness that will flood your senses.