Trufflez By Sitka Legends

3.5g Dried Flower

Plant Type: Indica Dominant

Legendary master grower, Tyler of Verte West, has taken it to the next level dialing in his latest masterpiece, Trufflez. Be prepared for a taste explosion with the cross between the delicious Zktlz x Cherry Noire. The terpene profile can only be described as sweet and earthy. Be prepared for an intense sour candy flavour with hints of grapefruit, licorice and pineapple. And true to Tyler’s technique and the strain lineage, this strain is smooth. The team at Verte prefer very small flower rooms for their small batch flower. Pushing 10 weeks for flower time, Verte’s five week hang dry, burp and cure is one of the slowest in the industry, pulling everything they can out of the dense beautiful buds and terpene profile. Once the stems have the perfect snap, each bud is meticulously hand trimmed. And, of course, this beautiful flower is never irradiated. Each pouch is hand packed with large and medium buds with one or two small buds to make weight, to ensure you get the product you deserve.