232 Series ICC Live Terpene Sticks By Kolab Project

3×0.5g Terp Infused Pre-rolls

Plant Type: Indica Dominant 

This Kolab Project 232 Live Terpene Stick is an exercise in otherworldly quality that reflects an obsession with excellence. The stick starts with premium bud, which is then tossed in a proprietary collision extraction process, before being combined with potent terp sauce to hit high potencies and total terpene content of around 4%. The aroma and tasting notes bring to mind a vanilla sweetness. Through proprietary processes, this product pushes the boundaries of cannabis innovation to create a consistent, new-to-world product. Brace for impact, we’ll see you on the other side. 232°C is the mid-range temperature at which most terpenes boil without burning, maximizing the flavour profile and natural expression of the plant through balanced, consistent heat activation. We use 232 as a shorthand to define excellence, and intention; 232 is the broad spectrum of cannabis potential, actualized. The Cutting Edge of Ancient Technology.