Baby Jeeter Infused Mango Sherbs Pre-Roll By Jeeter

3×0.5g Infused Pre-Rolls

Plant Type: Indica Dominant

Get ready, Canada! Jeeter is making its grand debut in the Great White North. Baby Jeeters promise an experience that’s anything but small. Every meticulously crafted pre-roll is infused with diamonds, crowned with a layer of kief and charged with a burst of unparalleled flavour. Embrace the best, Canada. Jeeter has landed. Mango Sherbet is a three-part indica harmony of Mango Trees, Mango Kush and Sherbet. The presenting aroma in our Mango Sherbs pre-rolls is that of creamy mango and earthy Kush. Sweet and tropical stone fruit is present to the last ember, intensifying over the length of your session.