Bucketz Live Terpene Disposable Pen By Viola 

1×0.5g Live Resin Disposable Vape

Plant Type: Hybrid 

Founded by ex-NBA player Al Harrington, Viola is a premium and well established socially relevant cannabis brand with the biggest black-owned footprint in the North American cannabis industry. From regulation to representation and reform, Viola’s mission is to create opportunities for communities of colour in the cannabis industry. This high THC dominant formula is a mouthwatering sativa with a unique gassy nose and fruity flavour. The VIOLA Disposable Pen is expertly formulated to deliver a smooth, full flavour each and every draw. Produced with fresh frozen live resin extracts, the rich terpene profile produces a stronger aroma and a fuller flavour, while our premium hardware featuring DOSE-CTI Technology delivers a consistent dose with every activation. Made with premium quality materials and electronic components ensuring high performance and reliability. Slightly diluted with distillate to deliver a smoother draw to enhance user experience.