Fruity Haze – Luxury Hand-Crafted Straight Joint By FatCat

1×0.5g Pre-Roll

Plant Type: Sativa Dominant

This premium hand-crafted single strain pre-roll inputs top fruity Haze hole buds only, rolled in slow burning unbleached hemp paper & innovative premium hollow cellulose acetate filter. It creates a pure cannabis, full-bodied world-class, long lasting smoking experience. Loaded 2.1%- 3.9% of 176 terpenes. Fruity Haze is the chance to experience the legendary champion sativa. This landrace sativa is composed of Mexican (Acapulco Gold), Colombian (Gold), Chocolate Thai, and Jamaican Lamb’s Bread. This is popular among connoisseurs. Grown in full sun septum yet in clean indoor environment with music, hand care, hand trimmed, hang dried, extremely long slow curing process, hand rolled and hand packed with love and care. The smooth smoke and the white ash from this pre-roll indicate of purity and quality.