Hasho’s GMO Pre-Roll By Ghost Drops

1x1g Pre-Roll

Plant Type: Hybrid

Hasho’s GMO is originally bred by Mamiko Seeds, hunted, and grown by legacy grower “The Crontractor” at Mill Creek Growth in Cambridge, ON. GMO is known for producing large heads making it great for live rosen production. Hasho’s GMO is a Chemdawg x GSC. Buds are dense trichome covered, dark green nugs with purple undertones, highlighted with bright orange pistils. Its dank garlicy aroma fills the room as soon as the jar is cracked. Hasho’s GMO is a heavy smoke with a spicy garlic taste on the inhale with a creamy aftertaste on the exhale. Hasho’s GMO is brought to you by Ghost Drops, Canada’s Original Legacy Brand.