King Sherb GD#3 Pre-Roll By Ghost Drops

1×0.5g Pre-Roll

Plant Type: Hybrid 

Ghost Drops King Sherb GD#3 is bred by In House genetics, hunted by Cultivating Happiness at Mother Labs and grown by several ultra-premium, hand selected, and vetted craft micro-producers. GD#3 is associated to the pheno the Ghost Drops team selected from the King Sherb pheno hunt. King Sherb is a cross between OGKB V2.1 x Blue Sherbert. It’s an indica-leaning hybrid that crosses a female GSC with a Pink Panties male. Its buds are dense, encrusted with bright white trichomes with dark green leaves and an array of beautiful purple undertones. King Sherb has a sweet yet pungent nose. Its flavour is gassy and smooth, with notes of sweet cream and citrus flavours on the exhale, followed by an earthy after taste. King Sherb makes for a relaxing yet creative session. Its aroma and flavour fill you with a sense of serenity.