Live Resin – Gorilla Zkittles XL 510 Thread Cartridge By Purple Hills

1.2g 510 Thread Cart
Plant Type:  Indica Dominant 
Purple Hills Live Resin Carts are filled with a single-strain of our terpiest live resin. This reliable, accessible vape cart brings the full profile of our fresh-frozen cannabis to life. With hydrocarbon extraction, that flower’s terp sauce and crystallized cannabinoids are isolated and then reunited, to fill our 510 XL cartridge that draws a clean hit of smooth concentrate from start to finish. This 1.2g 510 thread hardware takes the popular Purple Hills live resin carts to the next level of value and convenience. The Gorilla Zktlz genetic combines the famous GG#4 X Zktlz, which provides a gassy flavour, with a thick tropical fruit bouquet and a hint of chocolate.