Mint Chip Gelato By Redecan

1g Dried Flower

Plant Type: Hybrid 

Mint Chip Gelato is a perfect indica sativa hybrid (50:50) developed by crossing Green Cookies and Sinmint Cookies strains. The combined result is a very well-balanced genetic offspring with medium mini-pine-sized buds that are a firm dark olive green with furry orange hairs blanketed in a flurry of white trichomes. With modest THC levels, this hybrid carries a terpene profile that includes carene, camphene and caryophyllene which combine to deliver a rich earthy minted pine aroma mixed with sweeter floral notes and a spicy finish. Mint Chip Gelato by Redecan is improved through careful care and attention given through each stage of growth and harvested at its peak, expertly cured and hand trimmed  to ensure the highest level of quality.