Pineapple Cake Disposable Pen By Northbound Cannabis

1x1g Disposable Vape Cart 

Plant Type: Blend 

Introducing the Northbound Cannabis sustainable, breath-activated disposable vapes. Made from a hemp plastic blend that uses a unique additive that allows traditional plastics to begin decomposing in months compared to decades or centuries, this hemp plastic disposable vape pen is an innovative solution to the unsustainable concerns surrounding disposable vapes. They have a 32% lower carbon footprint than other plastic vapes and use 20% less plastic overall. Northbound Cannabis Spiced Fruit all-in-one vape contains 78-81% THC and less than 2% CBD from premium cannabis extract with naturally derived botanical terpenes. Spiced Fruit, a cross between Jack Herer and Granddaddy Purp cultivars, has a sweet fruity and spiced taste that’s dominant in b-pinene, limonene and nerolidol.