Raptors Rntz By Celebrity

3.5g Dried Flower 

Plant Type: Indica Dominant

Raptors Rntz, bred by Lit Farms, is a heavy indica-dominant strain that pairs SeedJunky’s Animal Mints with Rntz. Raptors Rntz has three dominant terpenes: spicy caryophyllene, citrusy limonene and sweet floral linalool that deliver an earthy sweet taste and aroma with a gas undertone. This phenotype, hunted in-house, has tight greasy buds with bright green hues that are dusted with frost. Celebrity is a brand that delivers high quality indoor grown, hang dried, hand trimmed and slow cured cannabis. Celebrity is dedicated to pheno-hunting proven and rare strains from reputable breeders to provide the cannabis connoisseur with the most exclusive selection.