Rockstar Shatter Diamonds & Kief Triple Infused Pre-Roll By Shetterizer

1x1g Infused Pre-Rolls

Plant Type: Indica Dominant

Rockstar Shatterizer Family … we’re Infusing 3 loved Shatterizer Extracts into a concentrated, powerful and perfected Rockstar triple infused pre-roll. It’s a triple hit, tripling the #PerfectClouds with Shatter, Diamonds and Kief. Our flavourfully cured and potent Rockstar cannabis flower is evenly concentrated with golden shatter and THCa diamonds for a very high THC range. This innovative triple infusion of shatterized flower, enriched with diamonds, is perfectly pre-rolled and hand spun in kief, tripling the height, taste and density of #PerfectClouds Rockstar Shatterizer Family! Made for our Rockstar Shatterizer Family, our triple infused pre-roll is a triple hit of Rockstar Flower, Shatter, Diamonds and Kief!