White Fire OG Craft By BC OZ

28g Dried Flower

Plant Type: Indica Dominant

White Fire OG is an indica-dominant cultivar known for its high potency and unique flavour profile. Flowers are evergreen with shades of lime and have a characteristic Kush bud structure. Its aroma is a mixture of pine, lemon and diesel, while its flavour has hints of earthy skunk and spicy herbs. This craft-grown genetic was produced in small batches, manicured by hand and hang dried to preserve optimal quality. White Fire OG is a must-try for indica enthusiasts. BC OZ features craft-grown products from BC Cultivators. These budget-friendly ounces maintain a strict protocol of hang drying, hand trimming and cold curing to preserve terpenes and offer the best smoke to discerning cannasseurs. Enjoy these full-flavoured offerings which have unique genetics and striking buds, with a price tag that won’t blow the budget.